Creative Design

I worked closely with both Converse and Trash Talk to help with design and execution. The venue location is the gallery space at ANTHEMIC Agency. I was the point of contact for coordinating events at the space at the time.


Budget Creation + Expense Tracking

Whilst developing the design, I created an ongoing budget and helped the client understand where they could cut on costs. With a short production timeline, I also was on top of making sure everything could be done on time.

Some of the design and production elements included: window treatments, skate ramp built, graphics wall, and custom neon signs.


Vendor Sourcing, Outreach + Communication

Using my contacts for each and every element, I formulated a group of vendors that I felt fit best with this project. From there I handled all communication and kept the client aware of any changes or design elements they needed to know such as: art specs, printing deadlines etc.

In addition to the production and builds, I also coordinated the liquor and refreshments and city permits.


On Site Management + Execution

I was the point of contact for all load in, product prep, event management and load out. I made sure that every install beforehand was done so correctly and smoothly. I took care of any pickups or deliveries made for this project as well. I was there 100% of the time to make sure the event met the client's expectations.


Project Close Out

For this project, after closing out the budget I created a recap deck which Converse then used internally for future presentations.