Creative Design + 3D Renderings

Because I am so passionate about the non profit Life Rolls On, I decided to commit some time on a creative project to raise awareness for the cause.

I partnered up with artist, Ashkahn, to develop a unique design that would attract passer-byers at the newly-opened shopping center right of the Pacific Coast Highway called Pacific City. Ashkahn and myself worked together to create a design that was easy to transport, set-up and of course beautiful. 

I then worked with a fabricator for the build and provided renderings to both Life Rolls On and Pacific City for approvals.


Budget Creation + Expense Tracking

This unique project involved fundraising and finding donations wherever I could. A special thank you to the printer who provided the transfers free of charge, a client of mine who provided insurance for the piece, and lastly a financial donor who paid for the hard costs of the build. It would not be possible without the help of everyone involved.


Vendor Sourcing, Outreach + Communication

I only needed a couple vendors to get this project completed. It was created over the span of about two weeks and the build took place as soon as I had approvals from the shopping center to place it there.


On Site Management + Execution

Because this was my personal project, I worked on this solo and was present during the load in and load out of the piece. It was as much of a success as I envisioned it to be, and I was very pleased with the results. Seeing families and children walking by to read about Life Rolls On made my heart smile. Many people took photos with the piece.