Creative Design+ 3D Rendering

Assisting the Design Director with design concepts, I built a 3D rendering for the initial client presentation and all alterations there afterwards.


Budget Creation + Expense Tracking

While developing the final design elements with the client, I assisted the Design Director with sourcing pricing and building out the budget to match our renderings.

This included custom build outs, fabricated pieces, coordinating with the expo for elements such as power and wifi, flooring, furniture rentals and more.


Vendor Sourcing, Outreach + Communication

I would start conversations with vendors to ensure that the quotation was to spec. Once the elements were determined I would follow through with any paperwork, payment and ongoing communication throughout the process.



On Site Coordination + Exectution

Working with the Design Director, we both communicated with our build crew on the load in and load out process. I was there to make sure set up was complete, and stayed during the event to help with any troubleshooting with tech, photo booth functionality etc. I also was there to help draw consumers to the booth to try the new products.


Project Close Out

Closing out this project entailed making sure our actual numbers aligned with the budget, getting all of our vendors paid in full and sending the client statistics from the success of the show.